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Explore how easy it is to create beautiful arrangements using the


Save time, money and extend the life of the stems

more than 2 times longer!


The Koo-toore-a floral insert mold(s) shown above was used to create the arrangements shown on this page.

Flemish Fall

3 Koo-toore-a were placed in a bowl (on a cake stand) and the tubes are overflowing with large, full stems, fruit and long spiky stems that completely cover the mixed green Koo-toore-a bases. Fresh grapes placed in, around and swagging the bowl create an large elegant

and stately centerpiece!


Pumpkins say "Halloween" but they can also make a ideal centerpiece from Halloween to Thanksgiving!! Use one Koo-toore-a (as shown at top) with fall flower stems placed into the tubes, remove the base from its signature container and place in the opening of a pumpkin - it will last from Halloween to Thanksgiving!!

Even inexpensive floral fillers become statement pieces using the Koo-toore-a!! Make your design using the signature box or remove it and place it into a container of your choice.

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