• The Koo-toore-a allows you to design realistic and professional looking floral arrangements while saving time and money. 
  • As a foliage solution,  It comes as a beautifully mixed green arrangement that looks good everyday and anywhere in it's signature wood box and is removeable allowing you to place it into a vase or container of your choice to create a desired look.  
  • Create larger arrangements using two or more Koo-toore-a  (divide the size of desired arrangement by 4 = number of Koo-toore-a to use). see gallery for examples.
  • Comes with stem stabilizers to use with fragile/weak stems or when placing in a container that leans, tilts, hangs upside down, sideways, etc. to keep stem and water in place.
  • Remove stem stabilizers to access entire tube opening for large stems.